Machine Shop, Welding & Fabrication – 207-490-1500

The heart of Austin Machine has always been that we are an old fashioned machine shop, a throw back to a bygone era, when there was always a local place where you could go to a craftsman who knew how to fix it. We do NOT believe in the throwaway society. We still fix things everyday!

The bulk of our machine shop operations are repair oriented, allowing us the flexibility to choose between building a new part, or repairing a worn out part. It’s not uncommon for us to rescue a worn out part by cutting off a bad section, welding one a newly fabricated replacement piece, machine as needed and then return it to use for a fraction of what a new part would have cost, if available.

We provide industrial support for local companies, as well as fix-it and repair work for local customers

Our machine shop equipment list includes: traditional large VTL’s & lathes, mills, as well as more modern CNC equipment to suit various needs